Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fabric Wallets

Recently I was trying to think up a unique gift for my children's teachers. I purchased giftcards for them but I wanted to give them in a unique way. I thought that some sort of fabric wallet would be interesting. So I searched for ideas online and came up with this cute and simple wallet. It's perfect to take when you just need to have a few items with you like money, credit card and an ID. There are three pockets and a separate area for bills inside. I made mine from two different fabrics (Amy Butler -Belle French Wall Paper in mustard and Belle Oxford Stripe in Okra). If you would like to put one together here is the basic info:

  • Cut two pieces 7.5 "x 5.25", one from each of the two fabrics. (for outside and inner bill area)
  • Cut one piece 7.5 "x 5.25" from a fusible interfacing- I used a fleece one for softness
  • Cut two pieces 7.5" x 4.25",one from each of the two fabrics. (for inner pocket)
  • Cut one piece 7.5 "x 4.25" from a light fusible interfacing- not the fleece
  • Cut three pieces 4.25" x 4", two from one fabric and one from the other (inner, 3 card pockets)
  • Cut three pieces 4.25" x 4" from a light fusible interfacing
  • Ribbon (7/8"), button and 4" piece of cord to match. 

  1. Fuse fleece interfacing to wrong side of outer fabric. (7.5" x 5.25")
  2. Stitch ribbon 1.5" away from short edge to right side of fleece fused  fabric.
  3. Sew on button in center close to ribbon on right side.
  4. Fuse light interfacing to wrong side of inner pocket fabric. (7.5" x 4.25")
  5. Fuse light interfacing to wrong side of 3 card pocket pieces. Fold in half ( should measure 4.25" 2" and press wrong side together)
  6. Attach card pockets to right side of inner pocket fabric that you just fused interfacing to. Position first pocket 3" in from left short side (4.25" ). This will be slightly short of half way in so that when you place a card in the slot you will still be able to close (fold) the wallet. Stitch down pocket piece at raw edges on the long side (4.25" edge).
  7. Place the next folded pocket card .5" away from the first  (or 2.5" away from left short edge) and stitch down as before.
  8. Lastly place the 3rd folded pocket aligning with the left short side- stitch down as before.
  9. Place second 7.5" x 4.25" piece, right side down on top of the pocket section (right side up) you just completed. Stitch across the the long top edge. Turn, press and topstitch 1/8" from edge.
  10. Now take this section and place on right side of 7.5" x 5.25" piece that you did not attach the fleece interfacing to, align bottom edges and pin. Find center on left shortedge and stitch in the cord so it is secure.
  11. Place fleece fuse section, right side down on pocket section, making sure button is at the opposite end from the cord. Pin leaving an opening at the top edge open for turning. Stitch.
  12. Turn right side out and close opening by hand or by top stitching close to edge.
  13. Fold in half, wrap cord around button and you are done. 


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Garden in NY

Every year I am amazed how my garden explodes with color in the spring. I have always said that the fall is my favorite time of year but a good friend never agreed with me. For her it is the spring and finally I agree with her. I grew up in New Hampshire where the fall was the best. But now I have lived in NY- Queens, Westchester & Long Island for almost twenty-five years- yikes!- and here the spring is the best. My garden, full of roses, clematis, irises, alliums and peonies, makes me smile every morning. I have no special gardening tips except to give your garden lots of love and attention and it will give back to you. A friend called me a collector when it came to my choices in plants. It is true- somewhat- basically I want everything! I inherited my love of gardening from my parents. They are no longer around but my garden is and that keeps me close to them. Here are a few photos to give you a peak at my paradise.