Monday, February 21, 2011

BC Quilt

I started this quilt before my son Christopher was born - thus the name BC. He turned 8 this past January! I don't know why but this project never seems to end. I don't think I even like the fabric anymore. But I must finish it!

Four pointed stars are hard for me and I redid at least two of these blocks before I put it together. (The sad thing is it only has four blocks to begin with.) I have finally quilted everything except the borders.

It's been like this for a year. My quilting friends, who I haven't had a chance to meet with for a year as well saw me working on this quilt every week.

So, I am giving myself a finish date- spring. I will report back on my progress. By putting this in writing I hope to guilt myself into doing it. Will it work? We shall see.......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Winter Blues

Well, I did it. I broke my New Year's resolution in one week. My resolution was to blog more often and not let my children and all the other crazy things I do stop me from sharing with you on my blog.

Well, the kids got sick and then it snowed. Then the kids got sick again and then it snowed again! Then what happened- the kids got sick again and it sleeted, it rained and everything became an ice rink.

So here I am after three weeks of mayhem catching up. All I have to share today are some pictures I took during all that snow. It was pretty, now it's "snirt" - new word I learned this year that means dirty snow.

My children and their snowperson? Let's just say they are very creative!

My little backyard.

The remnants of my snowball hydrangeas

That's all now folks. Hope to be writing more this week. Keep your fingers crossed that the kids stay healthy and the weather gets better.

Have a great day!