Monday, February 21, 2011

BC Quilt

I started this quilt before my son Christopher was born - thus the name BC. He turned 8 this past January! I don't know why but this project never seems to end. I don't think I even like the fabric anymore. But I must finish it!

Four pointed stars are hard for me and I redid at least two of these blocks before I put it together. (The sad thing is it only has four blocks to begin with.) I have finally quilted everything except the borders.

It's been like this for a year. My quilting friends, who I haven't had a chance to meet with for a year as well saw me working on this quilt every week.

So, I am giving myself a finish date- spring. I will report back on my progress. By putting this in writing I hope to guilt myself into doing it. Will it work? We shall see.......

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