Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, the weather has finally perked up here in the north east. 70's in March! The great sunshine has given me a bit of a boost in energy and I'm actually doing another post within two weeks of my last one.
When I made those great place mats I had some leftover fabric from the backing. It was such a small amount that I knew that there wasn't much I could use it for. I had an idea. I had been seeing these cute coasters selling on Etsy and thought that well, I could make some too!
You can make these as well. All you need is a strip of fabric about 5" wide and 40" long. Cut 8 5" squares. Cut 4 5" squares of interfacing. I used a fusible fleece. Fuse the interfacing to one wrong side of 4 squares. Layer up the pieces- wrong sides together. Sew around leaving a small opening on one side for turning. Turn, iron and stitch around the outside edges. This will close the opening and add a nice finish. Done!

Enjoy. I think this was one the easiest and quickest projects I've done in a long time. Sew up a bunch and give them out as gifts to all your friends. They make a cute gift with a set of mugs and some coffee/tea and biscuits.

Have a great day!

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  1. Very cute! Love the placemats as well. I made coasters for the holidays in December - they were cute teacher gifts, hostess gifts, etc. And to cut costs, you can even use craft felt as the interfacing - it works great!