Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Cookiepops

As you have probably guessed I love to bake and cook. I usually have more ideas for my blog from this than sewing. Sewing is a hobby I don't get much time for anymore, but cooking I do everyday. I once read another quilters blog who also liked to cook and she mentioned that once she does a whole day of sewing, the last thing she wants to do is cook because she has used up all her creative energy on the sewing. I feel the same way. On those days that I miraculously have time to sew all I do for food is leftovers or dare I say "take out"(which is usually not in the budget). But most of the time it is the cooking that takes away that creative energy. So here I go with another cooking/baking experience that I want to share with you. I hope to do some sewing soon.

My children love to bake with me and cut out sugar cookies are their favorite. I have tried various recipes and I have finally found one that I think tastes great and easy to make. I found it on the Land O Lakes butter box a few years ago. It's called the "Best Ever Butter Cookies".
We do lots of sugar sprinkles and I like to make a little icing to decorate them.
I made some as "cookiepops" for my daughter's 1st grade class. I was the mystery reader and I wanted to bring in something on a spring/Easter theme. I saw the sticks at Walmart along with some cookie molds that showed where to place the sticks. The molds were $9.00 and at first I was going to get them. Then I realized I had a bunny cookie cutter and that I should be able to just place the stick behind the cookie and bake it in. It worked. And the sticks were only $1.99. I love it when I save some money.
One tip I can give you is when you place your cookies on your baking sheet, slip the stick underneath the cookie and press down slightly. Bake it and presto you have a cookiepop.
I wrapped mine up in little clear treat bags from Wilton. I wanted to tie them with a pretty ribbon but time was not on my side so I just used the silver ties that came with the bags. In the end it was easier for the kids to open and/or save the cookies for the bus ride home.

So bake some for Easter. The kids will love them.

Have a great day!

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  1. Well done - they look so cute and delicious