Monday, September 20, 2010

Finally Done!!!

These three lovely bags were made for a dear friend of mine. Little did she know that it would take me the entire summer to finish them when she gave me the fabric in May!. The heat, the kids, the camp schedule, the heat again.....need I say more.

Anyways, the bags are based on my "backsack" bag I sell in my Etsy shop. It's a drawstring closure for the most part. I added a button to the third bag because I made it wider and a little shorter in height.

The fabric was provided by my friend and it was pre-quilted with a backing. So I had to figure out how to handle the pockets and unfinished edges. I treated it like a quilt and put a binding on all those edges.

I varied the shape and size of the pockets too. Now to make more for the shop!


  1. They look fantastic! And really, you finished them at just the right time...the fabric is perfect for fall.

  2. Ok, that makes me feel better! Thanks.

  3. These are beautiful Vera! I really miss seeing you each week and looking(and touching) your latest creation. Would love to get together sometime soon. Give me a buzz.